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Too Busy for Business Development?

We all know that it is a best practice to have a business development plan. It's even better to follow one. But during exceptionally busy periods – like around the holidays – a simple business development theme (or BD theme) can be more manageable. 

Navigating Challenges: Overcoming Marketing and Business Development Roadblocks

PipelinePlus recently conducted a survey of nearly 50 firms to identify the top marketing and business development challenges facing professional services firms today. Join us as we share our findings, and our panel of industry leaders share how they are navigating these issues.
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Six Steps to Successful Strategic Planning

Many individuals, practice groups, and firms create strategic plans in Q4 only to have implementation stall several months into the new year. Incorporating the right steps now is essential whether you are creating a firm-wide strategic plan, a plan for a practice group, or an individual partner. 

How To Ask For Business

The best way to ask for business is to identify their difficulties. Shift the focus of the conversation away from what you want and over to what they need. Start with, “what are your biggest challenges right now?”

How to Repair a Broken Referral Source

The goal with any referral relationship is an equal exchange of value, but if you find yourself in an imbalanced dynamic, we've outlined a few courses of action that will right the scales.

The One Business Development Result You Can Count On

It is often said that the only things you can truly count on are death and taxes, but when it comes to business development, there is another surety. 
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Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action. Post-it notes

Why Business Development Goals are Key

Most professionals with vaguely defined goals, find that their results are only vaguely successful. Being strategic is best - and having specific goals will pay off in the long run.