Frequently Asked Questions

PipelinePlus is a simple pipeline management tool for service professionals and business development teams. It helps users manage key business relationships. For administrators, it provides analytics for progress tracking and oversight.

PipelinePlus is for busy service professionals who need a simple way to organize their business development efforts. PipelinePlus intuitive interface and reminder system help users manage their critical business relationships efficiently, ensuring their limited business development time is wisely spent.

We work with firms of all sizes, from boutiques to global firms.

You can license individual modules separately, or license the entire platform for a powerful business development advantage.

Not exactly – a CRM (customer relationship management) system is a database that archives information on client relationships and contact information. PipelinePlus is an all-in-one business development training tool & pipeline management platform that is much simpler to use than a CRM system. Our Pipeline module encourages the user to focus on a short list of their active business opportunities. While service professionals often fail to adopt & use CRM, PipelinePlus users experience a much higher user adoption rate of 75-80%, especially when coupled with management and coaching.

No, you can enter as many contacts as you want. The sort/filter functionality helps you quickly find specific relationships.

PipelinePlus is a cloud-based platform. Our security features are highly advanced and are comparable to those provided by many major banks and financial institutions.

We’re happy to assist you in your transition from our software. You can always contact us if you’d like us to walk you through the process.

Yes, PipelinePlus is available as an iOS or Android mobile app as part of a standard licensure.

Visit our Help Center for answers to your questions about using the software. You can also get direct help from our Client Success Team by emailing

We’ve updated the interfaces and expanded the functionality of both products and brought them under one convenient software platform. Practice Pipeline is now under the PIPELINE module, and Practice Boomers is now under the TRAINER module.