Frequently Asked Questions

PipelinePlus is a simple sales pipeline management tool for service professionals and business development teams. It helps users manage key business relationships. For administrators, it provides analytics for oversight and progress tracking.

PipelinePlus is for busy service professionals who need a simple way to organize their business development efforts. PipelinePlus’ intuitive interface and reminder system helps users manage their critical business relationships efficiently, ensuring their limited business development time is wisely spent. 

We work with firms of all sizes, from local boutiques to global firms. 

Yes, our PipelinePlus Essentials option includes features for an individual user. Firms with 5 or more users will need PipelinePlus Teams, which includes dashboards for performance oversight, and our Client Success team for onboarding, training, and adoption support.

Not exactly – a CRM (customer relationship management) system is a database that archives all your contact information, enables list segmentation, and sends mass emails. PipelinePlus is a business development tracking and training tool. It is much simpler to use than CRM and encourages users to focus on the short list of relationships from whom they want to secure business or referrals. Service professionals often struggle to adopt and use CRM, whereas PipelinePlus users experience a much higher user adoption rate, especially with management support and coaching. 

Yes, PipelinePlus integrates with any platform that can connect to a REST API. 

No, you can enter as many people as you want, though we encourage you to use PipelinePlus to focus on the ones with the highest business potential. You can use the sort/filter functionality to quickly find specific relationships. 

Yes, PipelinePlus is available as an iOS or Android mobile app as part of a standard licensure. 

If you have licensed PipelinePlus Teams, our Client Success Team provides onboarding and training for both your users and admins. They also meet with you regularly throughout your term to help you identify your goals for success, troubleshoot obstacles, and ensure that you are accelerating your business development results as intended. If you require additional support, you can upgrade to PipelinePlus Coaching, where a dedicated business development expert will work with each individual user to ensure they have the guidance and accountability they need to achieve their goals. 

Within the app, click “Need Help” button to access our Resource Center, or use the Chat feature to get real time answers to your questions. You can also send a message to our Client Success Team by emailing 

PipelinePlus is a cloud-based platform with strict security protocols comparable to those provided by many major banks and financial institutions. 

You can download your data at any time by clicking the Controls button or use in-app Chat to contact our Client Success Team for assistance.