Why clients love our products and services

The PipelinePlus team helped us develop a Strategic Growth Plan for our Los Angeles office. The exercise has put us on the right track, resulting in a deeper understanding of our market, clients, individual responsibilities and opportunities for profitable revenue growth. The team helped us navigate the “buy-in” for the plan with the partners of the office, as well as in firm management. The team provided implementation and ongoing support, keeping our partners engaged with realistic goals and tasks. The Plan has helped us achieve many of our goals as an office and increased our confidence to plan for and execute on future growth.

PipelinePlus Coaching, a hybrid of e-learning, productivity tracking and group coaching, delivered an on-demand video curriculum lawyers could access on their own time. Group coaching calls ensured the lawyers used the online materials, provided a forum for discussion, and helped them crystalize actionable steps they were then held accountable for, which made it easy to measure the ROI of the program. The lawyers generated a seven-figure ROI for the firm.

The implementation of PipelinePlus Coaching and sales processes resulted in over $5M in new annual revenue.

PipelinePlus is a seamless combination of training materials and accountability. It’s an effective approach for training business generators. The program also provides a high level of transparency that appeals to the CMO who wants to be able to monitor progress and track performance.

We’ve used PipelinePlus E-learning to train our associates for the past two years. Our lawyers find the short videos to be engaging and informative, and the BD curriculum provides everything we need to run a turnkey training program, saving us the time and trouble it would take to create it from scratch

PipelinePlus E-learning condenses a series of tried-and-true techniques into a coordinated, systematic approach to business development that is, in my experience, unparalleled. Make no mistake — business development is hard work, but for anyone who is willing to put in the effort, PipelinePlus will deliver the intended result. I recommend it without hesitation or qualification.

As a new lateral, I found the PipelinePlus technology to be an essential part of the integration process. It helped me organize key contacts and focus on the business generation opportunities with the highest potential.

Business development requires the practical application of fresh ideas. Thanks to the innovations at PipelinePlus, I doubled my book of business in less than a year and became one of the top rainmakers at my firm.

The combination of PipelinePlus coaching and PipelinePlus platform has maximized BD efforts and results from both our associates and seasoned attorneys.

PipelinePlus is doing exactly what we had hoped it would do. It has improved our focus on business development and allowed our firm to excel.

We’ve seen a clear ROI from PipelinePlus. It has helped put a business development process in place at our firm.

The brilliance of Pipeline is its simplicity – it is elegant and easy to navigate, yet powerful; it helps me keep my most important relationships top of mind. I wish I had discovered the software years ago.

The program helped us generate $3M of new business within the first three months.

PipelinePlus E-learning delivered a 1,374% return on investment from a cohort of 8 users within one year.

PipelinePlus is the most intuitive sales enablement tool I’ve encountered in the marketplace. It’s what any modern firm should be using if it’s serious about business development.

I used to use a static excel spreadsheet to track my leads, then I discovered PipelinePlus. It’s much easier to use, sends me the reminders I need, and provides helpful insights to give my practice a business edge. 

We saw over 10x ROI within the first three months.

PipelinePlus delivered a 5x ROI for my firm.

PipelinePlus helps service professionals establish good habits and encourages business development activity. It easily pays for itself.