Fuel Firm Growth With Strategic Consulting Services

Fuel Firm Growth With Strategic Consulting Services

Ackert’s experienced consultants provide the guidance your firm leadership needs. Law firms across North America turn to Ackert Inc. to guide and inform business decisions. We help firm leaders rethink norms, develop new solutions, and execute with confidence. Each solution is tailored to the client, taking into consideration culture, strategy, economics, and untapped potential.

Strategic Growth

Over the past two decades, the business of law has steadily evolved. Both firms and clients have become more sophisticated in their operations and laser-focused on differentiating, market-driven strategies that enhance profitable revenue and bolster recruitment and retention of talent. Ackert consultants have worked with firms of all sizes in defining and achieving unique and specific growth objectives. Through a deep understanding of each firm’s strengths and opportunities, a keen understanding of clients, and a commitment to effective implementation, we develop sharply honed strategies that meaningfully impact firm performance. 

Profitability Assessment and Optimization

Firms of all sizes face the common challenge of maximizing profitability while simultaneously making needed investments in people and processes. Cost management is an important lever for managing profitability, but no firm can ultimately save its way to greater success. 

Ackert consultants have extensive experience working with leadership, practices, and clients to help you increase revenue most profitably and manage costs strategically. We partner with your management and operations teams to define achievable goals based on competitive intelligence, rate analyses, and client perspectives. We then help your firm and individual partners confidently execute the specific actions that will quickly solidify your value-proposition and improve your bottom line. 

Client Growth

Client-centric firms place institutional and high-potential clients at the core of their business growth strategy.  A programmatic focus on growth and retention are best achieved through deliberate actions that deeply engage lawyers and firm professionals in identifying and meeting your clients’ business needs. Creating win-win partnerships with clients increases service satisfaction, reveals new business opportunities, and solidifies long-term relationships. Ackert consultants have successfully designed and implemented client growth/account management programs that are differentiating and measurably increase both client satisfaction and revenue.   

Client Feedback that Creates New Possibilities for Your Firm

Ackert’s Client Feedback and Follow-Up program engages your clients in candid business conversations. As a neutral third party, we systematically ask the important questions about their loyalty to your business, your performance, their service satisfaction, and ways to expand your relationship with their business. Clients are consistently appreciative of the opportunity to provide formal feedback and firms always learn or confirm ways in which the relationship can be enhanced as well as competitive intelligence to drive informed decisions. 

As part of the program, we provide tools and support to ensure that the appropriate parties at your firm follow up on your client’s input. Client Feedback is a crucial process with any client and Follow-Up is critical in order to acknowledge and act upon your clients’ wants, needs, and preferences. 

business professional going over client feedback
Chief marketing officer

Interim Business Leadership

Ackert’s fractional or interim Business Leadership Services are structured to fit the unique needs of your firm. Services include a range of project or time-defined engagements in marketing and business development, practice management, and project/personnel management.   

Our consultants offer decades of in-house leadership experience and support initiatives including but not limited to, business plans, strategic business development and coaching plans, crisis communications, brand strategy, public relations plans, policy development, program implementation, and leadership transition support.