How to Optimize Business Development Maturity at Your Firm

Professional services firms often face an uphill climb when it comes to advancing their ability to optimize their business development maturity potential and maximize their revenue.  

In our experience, there are five stages that firms mature through on their way to an optimized business development function.  

They are:

1. The Hero Firm

Hero firms have a traditional model with just a few rainmakers feeding the entire institution.  

2. The Reactive Firm

A reactive firm is more open to new ideas, and generally opportunistic about growth.

3. The Forward Leaning Firm

Typically in a forward-leaning firm, its partners have documented business development optimization plans, but they struggle to make the time necessary for implementation.

4. The Committed Firm

The Committed firm subscribes to the adage,  “you can’t change what you don’t measure.” It commits significant resources to its business development optimization operations and infrastructure.

5. The Collaborative Firm 

The final stage of business development maturity is the collaborative stage. The professionals at this firm act in concert, maximizing growth opportunities at every level.

To learn more about these stages – and tactics on how to move forward – download our guide, “The Five Stages of Business Development Maturity at Professional Services Firms,” today.  

As you will read in the guide, the team at PipelinePlus would be happy to provide a complimentary business development assessment to define your current state and offer actionable guidance on how to advance to the next stage. Click here to book your complimentary BD Assessment