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Upskilling BD Teams and Lawyers to Drive More Business

As our industry continues to evolve, investing in professional development is crucial. Join us for a conversation about the different approaches and available tools to uplevel business development skills among your team and the lawyers you support.

Navigating Challenges: Overcoming Marketing and Business Development Roadblocks

PipelinePlus recently conducted a survey of nearly 50 firms to identify the top marketing and business development challenges facing professional services firms today. Join us as we share our findings, and our panel of industry leaders share how they are navigating these issues.
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Six Steps to Successful Strategic Planning

Many individuals, practice groups, and firms create strategic plans in Q4 only to have implementation stall several months into the new year. Incorporating the right steps now is essential whether you are creating a firm-wide strategic plan, a plan for a practice group, or an individual partner. 
Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action. Post-it notes

Why Business Development Goals are Key

Most professionals with vaguely defined goals, find that their results are only vaguely successful. Being strategic is best - and having specific goals will pay off in the long run.