Sales Productivity Solutions for the Engineering Industry

Competition in the engineering industry is tough. The marketplace is unpredictable, top talent is scarce, and, let’s face it, engineers are not sales experts. And when your firm is busy with projects and engineers can no longer rely on industry conferences and networking for business development, sales productivity suffers.  

That’s where the combination of sales acceleration technology and strategic coaching programs comes in to get your engineering firm’s business development on track. 

Pipeline Management Software to Structure Your Business Development Process

PipelinePlus is a powerful pipeline management software that makes it fast and easy for engineers to keep track of their highest value leads and clients. Not only does the software help them to effectively manage sales pipelines, but it also provides automated insights for taking the next step at the right time to move closer to closing the deal.

For business development leaders, PipelinePlus provides dashboards that help you easily track engineers’ business development activities and analyze marketing and business development data to inform strategic decisions.

Sales Training Built for Engineering Firms

It’s challenging for stretched marketers and business developers to do it all, so we offer specialized sales training led by industry experts. See sales productivity increase as engineers learn simple, repeatable best practices for efficiently nurturing relationships and securing new business. And our specialized executive coaching will provide the leadership growth necessary for you to guide engineers to consistent business and client development success.

Engineering Industry Specific Resources