Productivity Boosting Business Tools for the Consulting Industry

Every day, business-to-business consultants help their clients with complex issues like creating value, identifying areas for growth and business productivity yet struggle when it comes to increasing sales for their own firms.  

They can’t rely on referrals alone, opportunities for networking and conferences have decreased, and leads are coming from new and unfamiliar sources.  

While many consulting industry tasks that were once managed manually have been digitized, what you need is software and coaching tools that help consultants identify and nurture their most valuable leads to accelerate sales and coaching that helps you get the most from their business development efforts.  

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CRM for Consultants Isn’t Enough 

While your CRM may improve business productivity for your consulting firm consultants simply won’t use it for business development.  

The PipelinePlus sales acceleration software  is designed to help your consultants with relationship management, helping them identify their most valuable prospects, clients and referral sources and guiding them through the steps to reach their new business objectives. And the platform’s dashboard software allows you to see your teams’ progress, measure sales cycles and other key metrics, as well as get insights into your marketing and business development activities to drive strategic decision-making. 

Optimize Success with Coaching for Business Consultants

Even consulting firms can benefit from business consultant coaching and executive coaching. Our expert coaches can help you optimize your business development program’s success by providing your consultants with next-level relationship management skills and your business development leadership with guidance to help ensure that business development stays on track and consultants stay engaged. 

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