What to Do After the Election Results Are In

In the coming days, Americans will either celebrate or mourn the results of the presidential election. (I doubt you’ll encounter anyone indifferent.) The news will establish themes that play out for the next four years, introducing some degree of predictability in an otherwise uncertain world. Regardless of whether you personally support these themes, they present an opportunity to have conversations with your clients about the likely impact on their industries and their businesses.

The timing of your outreach is critical. Some of your clients will need time to process the implications of the election results. Others will be eager to pull the trigger on plans that they have suspended in anticipation of the news. Focus on the clients who are likely to be receptive to a post-announcement check-in; those who will welcome the opportunity to talk through their plans and concerns as they look downstream.

Keep in mind that this is a time-sensitive opportunity. In a week or two, most savvy businesspeople will adapt to the news and adjust their strategies. Their new thinking may include a lesser need for your services than you would like if you take a passive stance. But if you call them while they are still formulating and help them navigate their strategic response, you can turn the election news into a boon regardless of your politics.