Top 7 Tips for Avoiding Strategic Plan Implementation Pitfalls in 2022

Many individuals, practice groups, and firms create strategic plans in Q4 only to have implementation stall several months into the new year.

Ackert recently presented a webinar featuring CEO David Ackert, Author and Strategic Marketing Management Consultant Deborah Farone, and CEO Tim Corcoran of Corcoran Consulting Group, “Plan Implementation: Addressing the Follow-Through Problem.” The presenters discussed how taking the right steps is essential whether you are creating a firm-wide strategic plan, a plan for a practice group, or an individual partner.

Following are the top tips they shared:

1. Mind the 3 W’s

Remember throughout the planning process that for each actionable item you need to include the three W’s: WHO will do WHAT by WHEN.

2. Let Voices be Heard

For firm-wide strategic planning, give various cohorts a voice in the process, including associates and affinity groups. That way, there will be more buy-in throughout the firm.

3. Seek Outside Help

Use a facilitator or consultant to help keep the process on track. Often having an external voice with solid prior experience in planning can make the difference in getting buy-in and implementation.

4. Get Crystal Clear

Decide on crystal clear, agreed-upon objectives for the plan prior to delving into tactics.

5. Be Sure to Check In

For individual planning, scheduled quarterly check-in meetings will improve accountability much more than a “DIY” approach.

6. Pay Attention to Pay

Ensure that compensation plans reinforce the marketing and management activities that are expected of your partners.

7. Let Tech Handle the Rest

Use PIPELINEPLUS to manage the targets and deadlines in your plan so you can oversee progress, automate deadline reminders, and keep your plan in play throughout the year.