Top 3 Topics Seller-Doers are Looking to Learn to Spring into Business Development Action

Data doesn’t lie. And when you have user data from a pipeline management tool like PipelinePlus that offers Trainer, an e-learning library of instructional videos on every step of the business development process, it’s easy to see what topics seller-doers want to learn about most. 

Based on the 2021 Trainer video viewing data of more than 800 users, here are the top three business development topics you should focus on to help propel seller-doers to business development success:  

1. SMART Goals

“Statistics show that only 3% of adults have specific, measurable, time-bound goals and they achieve 10 times as much as people without goals.”


Business development can be daunting, especially for junior seller-doers. And without setting goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound – there is no clear path on how to achieve them, so progress quickly stalls.  

When helping seller-doers create business development plans, don’t let them settle for vague goals like, “Bring in new business and increase business with existing clients.” Guide them to develop goals like “secure 5 new clients by the end of this year with a total value of $300K” that will give them a clear direction on the path to success.  

2. Rainmaker Mindset

“The biggest myth about rainmakers is that they are a specific personality type, and that only certain people can become rainmakers.”

 Jaimie B. Field, Esq. in Thomson Reuters

To get off to a good start, seller-doers must begin with the right mindset. The good news for those who hold a stereotypical – and often negative – view of the typical rainmaker, is that research shows they’re not all the extremely outgoing, schmoozing type. 

Rainmakers typically fall into one of three archetypes – relationship builder, expert advisor, or service maven. Help seller-doers figure out which archetype suits them best, and from there choose the best types of BD activities to pursue to most effectively move them toward their goal.  

3. Clients

At PipelinePlus Top 10 Performing Firms, 38% of users’ business development targets are clients.  

While seller-doers might automatically think business development has to do with finding and pursuing prospective new clients, nurturing existing client relationships is critical. Seller-doers need to work to expand business with clients, but also use them as valuable referral sources.  

Yet not every client is created equal when it comes to business development. Help seller-doers rank their clients into low, medium, and high priority categories, so they can spend the right time and resources on each to maximize results. 

Learn more about these topics and more by downloading the white paper, “A Systematic Approach for Business Development.

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