The Top 3 Ways PipelinePlus Optimizes Business Development (that Your CRM Can’t)

CRM software has become a table stakes tool in professional services firms’ tech stacks. It serves as a much-needed central repository for collecting, organizing, and managing contact information. But research repeatedly shows that CRM adoption among service professionals is a significant challenge and that firms don’t find it highly effective for business development.

We created the PIPELINEPLUS sales acceleration solution to be the perfect complement to professional service firms’ CRMs. Here are the top three ways PipelinePlus optimizes business development that your CRM can’t:

1. Identifying clear prospects/targets

In addition to requiring a great amount of data input, CRMs have an overwhelming sea of data that offers no clear guidance for business development.

With PIPELINEPLUS, it only takes professionals a few moments to add their most valuable target prospects, clients, and referral sources. Users type in just a few letters, and CRM fills in the rest.

Then PIPELINEPLUS guides users through the simple but critical process of assigning opportunity values, selecting specific next steps, and setting deadlines. After that, it automatically sends timely, relevant reminders at users’ desired frequency so their best opportunities don’t fall between the cracks.

2. Training

Business development doesn’t come naturally to most service professionals, It isn’t taught as part of their education, and frankly, most don’t like to do it. And CRMs don’t help users know what to do every step of the way.

With training comes confidence, so PIPELINEPLUS features on-demand micro-videos on all aspects of the business development process that busy professionals can reference whenever and wherever it’s most convenient and helpful. For users who prefer to read rather than watch, video transcripts are also available in the app.

3. AI Insights

Busy service professionals don’t have time to figure out the next best step to move a prospective opportunity along. PIPELINEPLUS uses thousands of users’ individual and aggregate behaviors to produce AI-driven insights that drive time-proven strategies. The expert guidance removes the guesswork and maximizes business development success.