Sales Training Services to Accelerate Growth

Sales Training Services to Accelerate Growth

Ackert’s specialized sales training services enhance the results of your sales acceleration program and increase the ROI of your business development investments. Training courses are developed specifically to meet the unique challenges of business developers, leaders and executives, all with the ultimate goal of professional growth for team members and to accelerate sales at your firm.

Sales and Business Development Training to Help Grow Your Firm

Ackert’s sales and business development training programs are designed specifically for professional services firms.  

Seller-doers and business developers receive sales team training on an array of topics that guide them in developing and nurturing relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources through every stage of the sales pipeline.  

The professional growth participants will experience as a result of sales and business development training will in turn contribute to the growth of your firm. 

Executive Coaching Programs to Support C-suite Leaders

Transforming a top performer into a strong leader is not easy. The skills and experience required to excel as an individual performer rarely transfer to effective team leadership. 

Ackert’s executive coaching program arms C-level executives with the skills needed to navigate the strategic, political and behavioral obstacles that might otherwise impede advancement. It also provides executive leaders the guidance they need to become valuable mentors and to foster the next generation of firm leadership. 

After completing an executive coaching program, you can expect to have a confident executive presence, effective communication skills and motivated coordinated teams. 

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Leadership Development that Strengthens Leaders and Teams 

Each professional services firm faces its own unique set of leadership challenges. From creating and executing a strategic plan to facilitating change and establishing a strong company culture, Ackert’s leadership development training program is tailored to the specific needs of your firm to equip your future leadership team with the tools they need to succeed.  

After completing our leadership development training, you can expect your firm to have more empowered leaders and productive teams. 


Ackert’s exclusive Train-the-Trainer program empowers professionals to teach business development techniques within their firms more effectively. With our instruction, guided by expert sales coaches and online materials, you gain a deeper level of subject mastery so you can become a sales coach and provide stronger sales enablement for your team.  

After receiving Train-the-Trainer instruction, you will be empowered with proven techniques for effective coaching and training, a comprehensive business development curriculum, and a clear framework for implementing successful training programs at your firm. 

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