This section includes a recording of a sample Pipeline Focus call.  Note, the sample call is considerably longer than the typical Pipeline Focus call, which is 15 minutes.  However, it demonstrates techniques that will enhance any Pipeline Focus session.

Pipeline Focus – Sample Discussion (audio):

Techniques Demonstrated in the Sample Pipeline Focus Session:

  • Proactivity. Help the user understand how to use value-adds that maintain momentum in the conversation
  • Delegation. Prompt the user to think about the role their associates can play in business development. Can they source articles and listen for needs during their interactions with the client?
  • Specificity. Encourage the user to be specific when completing the next step on their tiles. Generic language often leads to broad, ineffective action
  • Note-taking. Encourage the user to keep track of details in the Notes field in their tiles
  • Pick a tile. Ask the user which tile they want to focus on to make optimal use of the Focus session