August 2022 Client Feature

A mid-sized New York-based law firm is proving the powerful impact Ackert’s coaching services have on PipelinePlus engagement and adoption.

Five months into a six-month coaching engagement with seasoned coach Carmelo Millimaci, the firm’s PIPELINEPLUS numbers are soaring:

  • 5 out of 6 group members have scores of 100 in the tool
  • 2 of those 5 members have logged over $10k of revenue
  • Login rates and activity levels have remained consistent for the duration of the engagement

The firm is now considering a six-month Momentum session to deepen and expand the learnings from the first program.

Driving continuous attention to PIPELINEPLUS through monthly focused individual or group coaching sessions is key to maximizing results. If you don’t have the bandwidth to facilitate monthly coaching sessions, consider outsourcing to a skilled member of Ackert’s coaching faculty. For details, contact Director of Client Success, Mollie Smith.