Webinar: Internal vs. External BD Training: What can we take on? What should we outsource?

September 8, 2021
12:00pm-12:30pm PST

Given the resource-constrained environment that most legal marketing departments navigate, it is critical to make prudent decisions about the projects to handle internally, and the ones that simply won’t get done without outsourced help. In this program, David Ackert shares the latest insights from a market study that examines the cost/benefit analysis of internal vs. external BD training and coaching programs. You will learn:

• A decision matrix for insourcing vs. outsourcing that you can apply to any marketing initiative.

• How firms distribute their resources to ensure their lawyers have the BD support they need.

• The BD training options firms can apply to insource or outsource, and what a cost/time-effective hybrid model looks like.

About the Presenter
David Ackert, M.A., is the President of Ackert Inc. and its subsidiaries, and business development mentor to thousands of high-achieving professionals in the legal, corporate, finance, and accounting sectors. Over the past two decades, David has developed and implemented revenue acceleration programs for hundreds of firms around the globe, many hailing from the top of the Am Law list and the Big Four.