The Sales Acceleration Platform for Law Firms

The Sales Acceleration Platform for Law Firms

PIPELINEPLUS is a sales acceleration platform that shows you which high-value clients, prospects, and referrals to target and what to do with them. Simplify your sales pipeline and clarify your next step.

Unlike CRM, PIPELINEPLUS  is a Sales Acceleration Platform lawyers will use.

At most law firms, CRM is used by marketing departments. The lawyers are left to their own devices to manage, nurture, and close new business. But we have seen how much more effective lawyers can be when they use an intuitive, efficient, and simple sales acceleration platform like PIPELINEPLUS  to manage their key relationships and accelerate their books of business.

In addition to pipeline management, PIPELINEPLUS features a library of e-learning modules on every aspect of business and client development. It also includes robust business intelligence dashboards that help firm leaders track results and make strategic decisions.


“The implementation of PIPELINEPLUS Coaching and sales processes resulted in over $5 Million in new annual revenue.” Heidi Leach, Director Of Business Development, Farmer Law PC

Four critical components of business development in one tool

  • Intuitive system integrates with your Outlook Calendar and CRM and helps you prioritize the prospects, clients, and referral sources you need to contact.

  • Comprehensive dashboards track critical data to empower marketers and business developers.

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